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Essay on unit 40 - 1528 Words

Unit 40 assignment 2 Case study Amy has dementia and lives in a residential home. In the mornings Amy has always been able to get out of bed and get dressed with some minimal support and then walk independently down to the dining area where she has chosen to have breakfast. Over the past week Amy has been staying in bed longer and longer; she is reluctant to get up in the morning and does not do very much for herself when getting dressed. Her mobility has reduced also and she has started to get pressure sores. Amy’s appetite has also become very poor and she usually only eats a few spoonful’s of her food. When carers encourage her to eat more she refuses. The Human Rights act The human rights act is there to protect people,†¦show more content†¦It is very easy for somebody with dementia to become anorexic or obese because their short term memory can make them forget that they have had nothing to eat or in the opposite way that they have already had their something. This framework will help Amy because it would be their care workers responsibility to make sure they have had breakfast and write it down if she has or not for the next care worker who may be a part of her team because then they cannot just assume Amy has had something to eat or not. There are many different types of roles and responsibilities that come with being a care worker for somebody with dementia. The care worker has to promote dignity for the service user. Respect them and give them independence, their rights and privacy. Again giving them privacy could just be by closing their toilet door so nobody can see them when on the toilet. Focusing on strengths and the things they have the ability to do. For example when lied in bed if they can’t sit up to help themselves out of bed, rather than saying ‘you know you can’t do that on your own, you don’t need any help’ ask them ‘do you want some help? I’ll help you up, you swing your legs out of bed then you can get up’. By focusing on the things they can do you’ll be helping to promote their independence to do something else. Involving their friendsShow MoreRelatedUnit 40: Tour Operations Management997 Words   |  4 PagesUNIT 40: TOUR OPERATIONS MANA GEMENT Get assignment help for this unit at LO1 Understand the tour operators industry within the travel and tourism sector Tour operators: as defined by EU Package Travel Directive; different types of tour operators including outbound operators, domestic operators, incoming operators, specialist operators, direct sell operators Industry: identification of major tour operators including their origins, ownership, market segments, competitionRead MoreUnit 40, Dementia Care Essay2376 Words   |  10 PagesDementia is a progressive disorder that will affect how you’re brain functions and particularly your ability to remember, think and reason. Dementia usually affects older people and are approximately 820,000 people in the UK with the disorder, and around 15,000 are under the age of 65. If the dementia is recognised early enough that are a lot of things that you can be done to make the quality of life better. In a lot of dementia cases the symptoms and quality of life will progress and get worse overRead MoreLevel HSC Unit 40 - Lead positive behavioural support.14060 Words   |  57 Pages Unit 40: Lead Positive Behavioural Support Unit code: O32 Olivia Haslam. Analyse theories underpinning Positive Behavioural Support Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) - A values led, person centred, evidence based intervention model that seeks to improve an individual’s communication, independence and quality of life. It aim to bring together best practice from Applied Behaviour Analysis, the inclusion movement Person Centred Planning. PBS is an inclusive approach, supporting people to stayRead MoreY О Ur Older Air987 Words   |  4 Pagesthe Ã'•ummÐ µr months is Ã'â€"mÃ'€Ð ¾rtÐ °nt. If Ã'Æ'Ð ¾u hÐ °vÐ µ Ã'Æ'Ð ¾ur Ã'•Ã'Æ'Ã'•tÐ µm Ã'•Ð µrvÃ'â€"Ã' Ã µd throughout thÐ µ year, thÐ µn Ã'Æ'Ð ¾u Ã' Ã °n Ã' Ã °tÃ' h Ð °nÃ'Æ' mÐ °jÐ ¾r problems bÐ µfÐ ¾rÐ µ thÐ µÃ'Æ' Ã' Ã °uÃ'•Ð µ Ã'Æ'Ð ¾ur unÃ'â€"t tÐ ¾ brÐ µÃ °k dÐ ¾wn. With some air Ã' Ã ¾ndÃ'â€"tÃ'â€"Ð ¾nÃ'â€"ng rÐ µÃ'€Ð °Ã'â€"r Ã'â€"Ã'•Ã'•uÐ µÃ'•, Ã'â€"t mÃ'â€"ght be Ð µÃ °Ã'•Ã'â€"Ð µr tÐ ¾ just rÐ µÃ'€lÐ °Ã' Ã µ the unit instead. So whÐ µn Ã'â€"Ã'• Ã'â€"t tÃ'â€"mÐ µ tÐ ¾ rÐ µÃ'€ lÐ °Ã' Ã µ thÐ µ unÃ'â€"t instead Ð ¾f just fÃ'â€"xÃ'â€"ng it? WhÐ µn to repair it AÃ'â€"r Ã' Ã ¾ndÃ'â€"tÃ'â€"Ð ¾nÃ'â€"ng rÐ µÃ'€Ð °Ã'â€"r Ã'â€"Ã'• Ã' Ã ¾mmÐ ¾n fÐ ¾r unÃ'â€"tÃ'• thÐ °t are lÐ µÃ'•Ã'• thÐ °n tÐ µn Ã'Æ'Ð µÃ °rÃ'• old. In Ã'•Ã'Æ'Ã'•tÐ µmÃ'• thÃ'â€"Ã'• nÐ µw, parts are still Ð µÃ °Ã'•Ã'Æ' to Ð ¾btÐ °Ã'â€"n. That mÐ µÃ °nÃ'• they wÃ'â€"ll Ã' Ã ¾Ã'•tRead MoreUnit 40 Health Social Care P3 P4 M2 D1 Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesEnduring Power Of Attorney Act: This is for individuals who are lacking the mental capacity and need somebody else to help them manage their legal, financial and health problems. The mental capacity act therefore made it legal so that those who are unable to make their own decisions have the ability to choose somebody who they feel they can trust to help manage their finances, properties and to help make their health and welfare decision. This is done through the power of attorney. This act linksRead MoreExercise 15704 Words   |  3 PagesMaterials 6,690 5/31 Labor 4,310 5/31 Overhead 1,400 5/31 Balance ? Production records show that there were 510 units in the beginning inventory, 30% complete, 1,580 units started, and 1,560 units transferred out. The beginning work in process had materials cost of $2,510 and conversion costs of $1,740. The units in ending inventory were 40% complete. Materials are entered at the beginning of the painting process. Exercise 17-1 Wilkins Inc. has two types of handbags:Read MoreAcc 5051175 Words   |  5 Pagesprocess costing. 1. The cost of the units transferred to the Finishing Department during May was: A) $50,000. B) $40,000. C) $53,000. D) $42,400. 2. The cost of the work in process inventory in the Forming Department at the end of May was: A) $7,600. B) $10,000. C) $2,500. D) $4,000. Use the following to answer questions 3-4: The following data relate to the Blending Department of Tru-Color Paint Company for a recent month: Number Percent Complete of Units Conversion Costs Beginning workRead MoreGross Margin Percent Essay1637 Words   |  7 PagesUnitron Corporation The RSV method has a number of twists that can result in many different unit costs for the five Question 1 products. For inventory costing purposes, any The idea here is to construct a Produced systematic cost allocation system will do. The basic As/Sold As Matrix (400,000 x 400,000). Obviously, idea of the relative sales value scheme is that all sales the possible combinations are endless, so how does one should show gross margin percent equal to the average chooseRead MoreChapter 9 Homework1353 Words   |  6 Pagesonly way to shorten the critical path and save money is to have indirect costs which are greater than the additional direct costs of shortening the critical path one unit of time. The difference is a savings. Exercises Note: Use the procedure presented in the chapter example to compute exercises; that is, compress one time unit per move using the least-cost method. 1. Draw a project network from the following information. |Activity |Predecessor |DurationRead MoreAc552 W3 Lecture Process Costing Quiz706 Words   |  3 PagesCutting Department for the month of February 2005 follow: Work in process, January 31-- 50,000 units 100% complete for direct materials, 40% completed for conversion costs actual costs of direct materials, $70,500; actual costs of conversion, $34,050 Units started during February, 225,000 Units completed during February, 200,000 Work in process, February 28-- 75,000 units 100% complete for direct materials, 20% completed for conversion costs Direct materials

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Oceania Citizen in 1984 - 751 Words

A Utopia turned wrong would cause suspicion, discomfort, curiosity, anger, malevolent behavior and all loss for true love. Riots would occur turning civilized people to become savages and barbarians. Half of this is true for the country of Oceania. A Utopia that is not so perfect is depicted in George Orwells famous novel, 1984. Some citizens are turned against the government and its officials when they discover the falsehoods and corrupt ideas of their Utopian government. Oceania citizen Winston Smith discovers the many false aspect of his society and tries to rise against this tainted government. The citizens of Oceania are stuck in helpless situations full of insane laws, are punished cruelly by a controlling government, and are†¦show more content†¦This would make anyone feel deprived of their thoughts. Without being able to write your thoughts down would make someone feel uneducated. The apprehension of thinking or writing any thing wrong would make anyone of any time, past, present, or future feel isolated from their individualism. The citizens of Oceania are stuck in helpless situations full of insane laws, are punished cruelly by a controlling government, and ripped of their privacy and individualism. Citizens discover that there is no way to escape the controlling and cruel laws of their government. George Orwell try to show us how our actions can affect us, and how this may happen in the future if we do not change our path now. Although the year 1984 has passed, Orwells prophetic vision of the future can still becomeShow MoreRelatedJoseph Stalin And 1984847 Words   |  4 Pagesfictitious government of Oceania in George Orwell’s 1984 and Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Republic. When looking at the way Stalin ran his regime, as well as the effect it had on the citizens of the nation, it’s clear to see that Orwell may have drawn inspiration from Stalin’s Soviet Union when designing the fictitious Oceania. The quality of living in the Soviet Union at the time was almost identical to that portrayed in 1984. The division of wealth among the people of Oceania also seemed inspired byRead MoreAnalysis Of George Orwell s The Great Gatsby 1531 Words   |  7 Pagesin his literary work 1984. In 1984, Winston Smith, the protagonist, would team up with Julia, a fellow nonconformist, to fight the Party, and more specifically, Big Brother, all taking place in the continent of Oceania. Overall, the main concept of 1984 is the Party’s need to control every aspect of life, completed through the use of constant surveillance, fear, language and more specifically through the use of these techniques, controlling their thoughts, essentially, Oceania is an environment whereRead MoreHistory and the Novel 1984848 Words   |  4 Pagesideological dictators. The government of Oceania, in the novel 1984, is an example of totalitarian society. Germany, under Adolf Hitlers National Socialism is another example of totalitarianism. Orwells Oceania has both similarities and d ifferences to the totalitarian states of the twentieth century. The government of Oceania is clearly a totalitarian state, which compares and contrasts with Hitlers National Socialism. The state, society, and daily life in Oceania present obvious characteristicsRead More history and the novel 1984 Essay examples840 Words   |  4 Pages The government of Oceania, in the novel 1984, is an example of totalitarian society. Germany, under Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism is another example of totalitarianism. Orwell’s Oceania has both similarities and differences to the totalitarian states of the twentieth century. The government of Oceania is clearly a totalitarian state, which compares and contrasts with Hitler’s National Socialism. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The state, society, and daily life in Oceania present obvious characteristicsRead MoreMarxism: 1984 by George Orwell1405 Words   |  6 PagesMarxism In the Novel 1984 Throughout time, rulers and controlling governments have used the ideas of Marxism to take and maintain control over the working class. Even today ideas such as classism and commodification are used in countries such as North Korea and Syria to help governments rule over their citizens. In George Orwell’s 1984 the ideas of Marxism are used to oppress proletariats. The Party tricks the citizens of Oceania into thinking that their propaganda benefits the working class,Read MoreA Warning And Precaution For The Future By George Orwell1405 Words   |  6 Pageswarning and precaution for the future, George Orwell wrote 1984 so future generations could stop the corruption that comes with conformity. Despite this forewarning, it seems as if we are entering an era that has many parallels with the setting of 1984, if not we are pretty close to living that way. With Big Brother constantly monitoring the residents and a face posted everywhere watching citizens every move and sound, th e residents of Oceania experience a similar yet more extreme situation than whatRead MoreComparing 1984 And Fahrenheit 451928 Words   |  4 Pages1984 and Fahrenheit 451 1984, written by George Orwell, and Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, are similar to each other, however they also have several distinct differences. Both 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 are dystopian themed novels that deal with an overbearing and extremely powerful government. The nations in both novels are involved in wars that never seem to end, and their main characters begin to doubt the government and what society expects of everyone. In both 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, theRead MoreTotalitarianism In George Orwells 19841028 Words   |  5 PagesUsed in 1984 A dystopia is a society which is characterized by misery, oppression, and unhappiness. Likewise, a totalitarian government neither allow parties to have different opinions nor freedom with a centralized government, therefore totalitarianism and dystopian societies are similar. In 1984, written by George Orwell, Big Brother is a dictator who gives the Oceanian population no personal freedoms and strictly dominates all of the country for their own selfish ways. Unlike Oceania, the UnitedRead MoreComparing 1984 And The Hunger Games930 Words   |  4 Pagesand overcrowding† (Dystopia). Both 1984 and The Hunger Games are novels that revolve around dystopian societies. These two dystopian societies have many aspects in common. Each area is controlled by a high authority and contained by a hierarchy, consumed by poverty and struggle, inhumanely surveilled, and revolutions have been formed. The first similarity found between 1984 and The Hunger Games is the authority figures that have control over the public. . In 1984, their form of the police, The ThoughtRead MoreLanguage Manipulation And The Danger1481 Words   |  6 PagesOrwell’s popular novel 1984 takes place in Oceania, currently ruled by The Party Oceania is an example of what Orwell envisions a totalitarian government and society. Oceania, a dystopian environment created by The Party. The Party’s aim is to gain ultimate control by using multiple means of delivery of their â€Å"Newspeak† language to influence the citizens of Oceania. The Party uses the present, the past, and the media to delivery their â€Å"Newspeak† in order to manipulate their citizens into obeying their

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The Importance of English Essay Samples

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How can a poet build something Essay Example For Students

How can a poet build something? Essay The poem Kubla Khan is a complex and perplexing poem. It was written after an opium-induced dream and serves as an insight into the subconscious of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It talks of things, which the reader would literally find impossible to imagine, and so is hard to deconstruct, it seems that it was never intended to be understood and rather just read and enjoyed. Without referring to the physical action of building with bricks and mortar, poets build through words, phrases, structure and grammatical devices. The most prominent grammatical devices used in this poem are hyperbole, metaphors and similes. All of these help emphasise what the poet is describing, they weave a lush visual tapestry in the readers head. Starting at the top, the poems title, Kubla Khan is the name of Genghis khan who lived lavishly. The poem describes a dome or temple he built in the mountains. The poem is structured with three stanzas, the rhyming structure seems random but it flows well and rhythmically. The hyperbole used, such as caverns measureless to man, deeply emphasise his feelings and thoughts. Metaphors are another device used to emphasise emotions and experiences, as do similes. Alliteration is also used, as is religious imagery. All of these provide a media with which he can express his dream. The damsel with a dulcimer leads the poet to aspire to build a dome in air. This dome in air is difficult to understand. It surpasses his previous descriptions for implausibility, as it is in fact impossible to build a dome in air. It is debateable as to what this could mean. Air is the English word for aria, which means song, so the dome in air could mean he would like to recreate the dome in song form. He could be describing the dispersion of sound, in a dome shape, wide and far. He describes the dome as sunny, so he might want to make a rainbow, or even a sun. These ideas all seem absurd though, but must be taken in context, as the original idea seems just as unbelievable. It is possible he would like to recreate the moon or other such celestial beings. It could be that he is hallucinating enough to want to build a dome in the air, which is of course impossible. The dome could be the clouds, or even the sky, but neither of these could be emulated or built by man. It is possible that the dome could be a ceiling of a building, made of glass or painted. This is humanly possible but has no definite link with the poem. He could be talking of a physical dome supported by struts or ropes suspended in air, but this doesnt have a link with the poem either. It is likely there is no explanation of what it could be, as there is no definite or obvious one. The language used when writing this is very much different to that used today so it can be confusing and misleading to the reader. The air could be implying high up, as in the mountains, and he could be referring to a large dome built in the mountains, but this seems unlikely, as it doesnt fit the context of the poem. Someone could have an air about them, a manner of acting or speaking, so its possible he would like to recreate the dome in his personality, but this doesnt fit the context of poem either. He might just be saying he would describe a dome, he would speak it into the air for others to hear, he could be saying that if he could remember it, he would speak of it and describe it.

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Employee Retention Techniques Essay Example

Employee Retention Techniques Paper The project work titled, â€Å"A Study on Employee Retention Techniques among employes in Salem District Milk Producers Union Limited†. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the employee turnover level of the company. Employee is not an economic factor but a total personality having his own feelings and a sense of responsibilities towards his family, the industry and the nation. The worker has a vital role in increasing productivity and management has to create conditions in which worker can make their maximum contribution towards the objectives of fulfilling the essential needs of the community. One of the most significant factors determining the productivity and advancement of industries lies in the efficiency and experience of workers. The employee turnover level will be high means it is difficult to retain them. So the organization is to identify the factors and find out way to retain them. The secondary objective of the study is to analyze the problems and difficulties faced by the HR managers in retaining and motivating the key employees in the organization. The research methodology is a systematic way to solve the research problem. The descriptive research design is used in this project. The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present. The type of sampling used for the study is simple random sampling. The research was conducted in salem district milk producers union ltd. The sample size of this study is 100. We will write a custom essay sample on Employee Retention Techniques specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Employee Retention Techniques specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Employee Retention Techniques specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Questionnaire is used to collect the data. There are two type of questions used in this study. First is open ended questions and second one is multiple choice questions. After the collection of data, analysis and interpretation has been done by using statistical tools such as simple percentage, chi test. Findings of the study is reveals that the company is first satisfied internal customers so it is suggested that the company is provided the better compensation. 2 1. 2. Statement of the problem Employees are incomparable resources and cannot be substituted by other factors of production. The employee turnover level will be high means it is difficult to retain them. So the organization is to identify the factors and find out way to retain them. Hence, the causes of this must be investigated and effective retention strategies must be done and implemented in order to better understand these circumstances 3 1. 3. Scope of the study This study tries to understand the meaning of retention and the study is only related to employee retention techniques and unrelated to all other HR concepts, the survey is not conducted all over industry and only in Salem District Milk Producers Union Ltd. to employees and executive level. This study aims to know the reasons for employees leaving the jobs and come out with findings and suggestions which will help the HR managers to retain their skilled employees. 4 1. 4. Objectives of the study PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: †¢ To identify the labour turnover of the Salem District Milk Producers Union Limited.. SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: †¢ To find o ut how to retain the employees through motivation techniques in Salem District Milk Producers Union ltd. †¢ To analyze the problems and difficulties faced by the HR managers in retaining and motivating the key employees in the organization. To offer suitable suggestions to improve the labour turnover level of. Salem District Milk Producers Union ltd 5 1. 5. Limitations of the study * It was difficult to meet all the respondents in the unit due to shift constraints. * The respondents were reluctant to answer due to their busy schedule. * This study is restricted to Salem District Milk Producers Union Ltd. 6 1. 6 CHAPTERIZATION: Chapter – I The first chapter deals with the introduction of the concept of Empolyee retention Chapter- II The second chapter deals with the concept and review of related literature. Chapter-III The third chapter deals with the research methodology that contain the research design, sampling detail, data collection details, tools which is used in the study. Chapter-IV The fourth chapter deals with the analysis and interpretation of data. Chapter-V The fifth chapter highlights the findings, suggestions, recommendation and conclusion. CHAPTER – II CONCEPTS AND REVIEW 7 CHAPTER II Concept and review of literature 2. 1. Concept of employee retention techniques Retention will be a challenge, according to a recent study. Retention requires a competitive salary and great benefits. However, retention of your best requires a whole lot more. Employee involvement, recognition, advancement, development and pay based on performance just get you started in your quest to retain your best. An employee retention program boosts the bottom line and improves customer Satisfaction. Employers know only too well the tightening effect that continued growth has had on the labor market. Human resources publications constantly are regaling employers with tales of employers competing for scarce employees using techniques like allowing employees to bring their pets to work or hosting job fairs for convicts. Losing key employees is more than an inconvenience. Employee retention problems cost your organization money and time when you have to find and train replacements. In addition, a low employee retention rate drags down employee morale, hampers long-range planning and negatively impacts customer opinion. If a company cant keep its best employees, then it gains a reputation as a bad place to work and a company others dont want to do business with. Business owners need to put an employee retention plan in place to keep and recruit top employees. Although money plays a part in retention of employees, you might be surprised to learn that its not the most important factor in employee retention. 1. Clear communication of job requirements and performance expectations. 2. Efficient use of your employees skills and talents. 3. Appropriate training and supervision. 4. Opportunities for employees to learn new skills and advance in the company. 5. Consistent rewards and recognition for employee performance. 8 A few methods to reduce labor turnover are as follows: 1. Improve factory –working conditions 2. Handle workers grievances faithfully. 3. Don’t abuse or fire workers for petty matters. 4. Try to minimize fluctuations in the work. 5. Give appropriate wages and incentives to the workers. 6. Take care of employees’ health and welfare. 7. Adopt safety and good house keeping practices. 8. Motivate the employees and try to light up their morale. 9. Be impartial in the matters of promotion and Transfers. 2. 1. 1 EMPLOYEE RETENTION MEANING: Employee retention involves taking measures to encourage employees to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time. Corporate is facing a lot problem in employee retention these days. Hiring knowledgeable people for the job is essential for an employer. But retention is even more important than hiring. There is no dearth of opportunities for talented person. There are many organizations which are looking for such employees. If a person is not satisfied by the job he’s doing, he may switch over to some other more suitable job. In today’s environment it becomes very important for organizations to retain their employee. 2. 1. 2 DEFINITION: Employee retention is a process in which the employees are encouraged to remain with the organization for the maximum period of time or until the completion of the project. Employee retention is beneficial for the organization as well as the employee. 9 2. 2. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Khatri, Budhwar and Fern. (2001) indicated that there is dearth of research studies examining employee turnover in Asian and developing countries contexts where this problem has given sleepless nights to HR managers and they put emphasis on the need to carry out research in Asian countries contexts. They further reported that there are very few research studies examining the issue of turnover in Asian context and such investigations have used a limited number of variables with small samples, thus this raises concerns of model specification and generalization. In a more recent article Baruch Budhwar (2006) repeated the call to widen perspectives of turnover research beyond the boundaries of western cultures. Khawaja et al. (2005) used descriptive qualitative research design based on 45 Interviews from registered nurses in Tertiary Care University Hospital, Pakistan Concluded that under-stressed, frustrated and demoralized nurses leave. They further point out that turnover problem is common in all parts of the world including developing countries; however, it has not been examined in Pakistan’s context. A study conducted by Khawaja and Nansey (1999) indicated that nursing turnover from1996 to 1999 has remained above 30%. 10 2. 3 COMPANY PROFILE The Salem District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Limited is a replica of the District Milk Union in Gujarat state based on the famed â€Å"AMUL† system. The Salem Milk Union is, therefore sandwiched in the middle of the 3-tier system popularly know as the â€Å"ANAND† District level and the primary Cooperative societies at the village level. The Salem District Milk Union was registered on 10. 07. 1978 and started functioning on 07. 10. 1978 . Its Area of operation is the entire Salem. District . Milk is now supplied from 1101 primary Milk Co-operative societies to the feeder-balancing Dairy directly and through the chilling centers of Attur,Namakkal and P. Velur cattle feed in being manufactured at the cattle feed plant at Salem the entire project has been funded by the National Dairy Development Board. ’ANAND† through the GOVT of Tamil nadu and the Co-operative Milk producer Federation. Milk is supplied of the feeder balancing Dairy either directly from nearly societies within a radium of approximate 1101 745 primary Milk Co-operative through 93 milk collection routes including B. M. C. These routes are pleased by hired milk trucks twice a day. Milk is received and processed at the feeder at the feeder balancing Dairy to ensure a year round marked for milk producer. When the milk reached the Union, the milk is processed through three plants. These three plants heat the milk between 72 C so those unwanted germs are killed. Then from the processed milk the Standardized milk is 3 lakh litres per day surplus milk produced during the flush season is converted to power for reconstitution during the lean season to ensure a year round available to the concept of feeder balancing dairy. 11 Milk also supplied to other district unions their times of necessary form this union besides to the supply to the TamilNadu Milk Producers Federation for Metro consumption. The Union’s major products are Standardized Butter,Ghee and Skim Miik Powder. The excess at from mik after standardized is converted to butter and ghee. The union has a 10-ton and a 30-tan power plant for production of milk powder. Besides skim powder, butter and ghee the union also manufactures popular products like palkhoa, flavoured milk, masala butter milk and ice cream for local consumer. These products have found a regular market locally. Milk powder, butter and ghee form this union is of the highest quality is in good demand in the up-country markets.

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Essay on Introduction to Business Ethics

Essay on Introduction to Business Ethics Essay on Introduction to Business Ethics Essay on Introduction to Business EthicsQ1. Responsibilities depend on the role of one person in relation to another person; for example, the responsibilities of a parent are different from the responsibilities of an employee. Therefore, responsibilities of person A to person or entity B can be viewed as a function of the relationship between person A and person B.Q2. The relationship between a person and his/her lawyer or real estate agent is similar to the relationship between an employer and employee in the sense that both employer and the person can be viewed as principals in this relationship while the lawyer/real estate agent and employee act as agents. However, there are notable differences in the level of control of the principal over the terms of employment and nature, in the regime of working, in the level of responsibility and discretion.Q3. The narrow view of employee responsibilities can be defended from the perspective of the roles that employees play in the whole eco nomic system (that override other ethical considerations) and from the perspective of property rights of employers that should be protected. However, such ethical considerations have notable shortcomings as they disregard other responsibilities of employees and might even suppress their rights.Q4. Conflicts of interests emerge when ethical responsibilities emerging from different relationships come into conflict. If the interests and ethical duties fall within the scope of one set of responsibilities, there is no ethical conflict. However, when personal interests influence professional actions, it is a sign of the conflict of interest. Dual roles also represent a conflict of interests since the responsibilities in these roles most often are conflicting.Q5. Trust to someone means that there is confidence with regard to the judgments of this person and it is possible to rely on this person in important decisions. Loyalty can be defined as the willingness to make personal sacrifices in the interest of the firm (DesJardins, 2013). Employees do have a responsibility to be trustworthy, but it is questionable whether they are ethically obliged to be loyal. According to Duska, loyalty in the workplace is not appropriate because loyalty applies to the projects with mutual benefit of parties while employer-employee relationship is a contractual agreement in which the employee receives a compensation for time sold to the employer.Q6. Business is like poker in the sense that both business and poker have particular rules and the participants have to follow these rules. However, business is not like poker in ethical sense since bluffing, lying and deception are acceptable in poker but are unacceptable in business as such actions undermine decision-making and business reputation in the long-term perspective.Q7. According to DeGeorge, whistle-blowing is ethically permissible only when a) there is a significant threat of harm (that can be addressed by whistle-blowing), b) the whistle-blower should first of all use internal channels for reporting the issue, and c) the whistle-blower should exhaust all internal options for preventing the harm before turning to external options (DesJardins, 2013). Furthermore, whistle-blowing is ethically required when a) there is documental evidence of the harm or probability of causing the harm and b) whistle-blower should be confident that whistle-blowing will prevent the harm (DesJardins, 2013).Q8. First of all, insider trading leads to injustice regarding external participants of trade since the information is distributed in an unfair way. Secondly, managers who practice insider trading violate their ethical professional responsibilities related to representing the interests of their clients (investors). In the case of Enrons stock, insiders defrauded investors and shareholders in order to increase own profits and did that at the expense of people whose interests they were representing.

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Cultural diversity in Modern China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Cultural diversity in Modern China - Essay Example Communism is a political system where, property is owned communally and where economic, political, social systems are aimed at creating social order. Chinas Communist government views the introduction of new practices and cultures as a threat to this social order. Change is part of life, and human beings are supposed to adapt to change. It is necessary for the people of china to adapt to the new world. For example, there is no political tolerance. The people political views are not considered by the government, and any sign of a political struggle is met with a lot of hostility. In the 21st century, this should not be happening. If not changed, this grip of the nation by the communist government will result in the separation of the people of china behind. However, various factors are exposing the Chinese people to the entire world thus diversifying their life and cultural practices (Tienery 15). 1) The Olympics Participation of China in international sports has been a major factor in exposing Chinese people to different cultures. The fact that the government wants to ensure that the Republic of China is viewed as a leading power in every aspect of life, it allows the country to participate in almost all international sports events. These events include the Olympics, world cups and athletics competitions. According to the United Nations Office for Sport Development and Peace (UNOSDP), sports activities promote cultural diversity since they incorporate fair play, teamwork, respecting opponents, and self discipline as values of good sportsmanship (Nauright & Parrish 11). Through international sport events like the Olympics, the Chinese people have been exposed to different cultures. This is through interactions directly in the games by the players with other participants from the other countries. The players interact with other participants in the Olympics where they learn about new things, which they take back home introducing them to other people. For example, p layers take back home eating habits that they have learnt from the country where the Olympic Games are being held. Another way that sports activities promote cultural diversity in China is through the interaction of fans from china and those from other countries. While supporting their country in the Olympic Games, Chinese people get to know about different cultures as they talk with fans from other countries. Here, they form strong friendships and bonds where they teach each other about their cultures. On learning these cultures, Chinese fans go back home and spread the new cultures where people assimilate them. For example, the mode of dressing among Chinese people has changed through interaction with others during Olympic Games and other Spots events 2) The Tibet Movement This is a movement that struggles to fight for the political and economic independence of Tibet. Tibet is a region which is included as a territory of the Republic of China. The movement strives at achieving tot al separation from the Republic of China. The movement is supported internationally mainly the United States of America (USA), India, and a number f countries in Europe. For example, the International Tibet Independence movement is an organization that supports this movement. It was formed in March 18th 1995 in the United States